Monday, 10 January 2011


Here is the second of the shorts from our mentors week.


This is one of the shorts from the mentors week.

Screen Sound: St Cecilas

This is the video from the shoot with the girls from St Cecilas

Screen Sound

Screen Sound is an add on project I signed up for at the start of this year, my involvement in this was to act as a mentor to school students from Lower 6 and our aim was to create a short film, the only criteria for the film was that it was to be based on "memory", there was to be no dialog and it needed to be 4-6mins in length.

I was paired up with a group of five girls from St Cecelias, the girls had already discussed a concept and so we worked together to develop this idea. We had a tight schedule and because the girls had other commitments with school work and jobs we had limited time to shoot and edit the film.  All in all I am very glad I took this opportunity to work on this project. Working with the girls was a great experience and an eye opener. It has given me a small glimpse into the world of teaching which I now think I would be also interested in as well as a working within the Graphic Design Industry.

I also had the chance to work along side the other mentors from my class. We all came together for one week to make two short films. It was a tough enough week but completely worth it, we all pitched in, it was a highly creative week and we came out with two very different shorts, which I and the whole group are very proud of. Screen Sound was a throughly enjoyable experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to be involved.  

I will upload the shorts here, they have now been given to music composers to create a score for them so the videos I will upload will have no sound.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Final Design

So here is my final design for the "crawl, walk, run, fly" logo for Imagine Create. I've used a part of the original logo and incorporated into my logo. I felt the figures on their own were a bit boring and not up to much. I think it works quite well. I don't know what type they've used in their logo or if they even want to use type with this logo but I threw in a bit just to see how it would look. 


Here are just a few screen shots of the illustrations I've been working on, I've just been playing around with the different figures trying to see which ones sit better together. I picked the blue colours from the Imagine Create Logo, not too sure about any of these yet but will keep going with it.