Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Final outcome for 24hr egg project.

Here are my storyboards for the 24hr egg project, a short ad for an egg cuber to help your eggs stand out from the crowd! I could definitely see this product on sale in quirky design-y shops like urban outfitters.

If you'd like to own one of your very own egg cubers here's the link:



Here are a few of my sketches for my new concept for the egg brief, I'm going to design a guide on "How to do.. Good Eggs", a simple, quirky guide on how to cook different types of eggs. I'm going to make it in the shape of an egg and would like it to have an accordion fold.

So from my sketches I created vectors and made little symbols to use with in the text, above are the symbols and the layouts of each of the pages.

I had a go at trying to manipulate the pages to make it look like an accordion fold but it didn't really work. Below is my final design outcome.

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Have you had a chance to take another look at the egg brief?