Sunday, 24 October 2010

Water, water, everywhere!

For the waves poster I wanted to keep it simple so just put in a simple vector I created form a photograph of a cliff and the put the words again "Water is life" to emphaise what the poster is about, I think without this text the message would be too subtle and this is not what you want with a poster that is advertising such an important issue. I like the use of the blue and grey together but I am concerned that it's just not striking enough so might re-work the colours and see what happens.

Whilest working on the waves it got me thinking about the the ocean and the world as a whole so decided to create a few images using the type as the water in a globe. I like these images, I think they're a little too simple but a nice idea in there own way.

My only real problem now is which image to go with because I still really like the water drops but I do think the waves poster is more unique. Decissions, decissions???

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