Thursday, 2 December 2010

Concept:three fake eyelashes

So I think this is the most random of all my ideas, I was thinking about all the things we where that use type and the one that I kept coming back to was jewellery, nowadays everyone has a necklace/ring/earrings spelling out words like "Love", "Peace", "Flirt" etc. And then I started thinking about another fashion trend that has been very popular in the last couple of years...fake eyelashes. SO I decided to combine these ideas! I know it's a bit out there but I quite like it, they could spell out any number of things, "girls night", "wanna party", "new year". I decided to go with "love" and mess about with a few ideas and see how they come out. I could definitely see someone like Lady Gaga whereing something like these, there could even be ones that spell out "lady gaga"!

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