Thursday, 2 December 2010

Concept:two 'that hat"

The next concept I had was the idea of what we wear, spelt out of the letters that they are, ie a t-shirt made out of the letters T-S-H-I-R-T, a tie made out of the letters T-I-E. So I did a few sketches and the one I liked the best was a hat. After I roughly sketched the idea I started working in illustrator with type coming up with different patterns using the letters H-A-T. Once I was happy with the type I printed them out and started cutting! While I was cutting out the letters all I started see was "that" so I decided to play on this and use it as the name for my "hat", "that hat". Could also work as an advertisement slogan, where'd you get "that hat". I dunno, I'll see how that goes?! So going to get this space!

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