Monday, 15 November 2010

Golden Oldies!

Here are a few family photographs, I've found it pretty difficult to try and get a photo of all my aunts and uncles together at a young age. I've found a few from family weddings but that's not exactly the look I want. Found a few from the dinner table with most of them. Not sure yet if I'm going to use the photographs themselves or just do sketches/illustrations from them, think I'll experiment with both and see how I get on. 

The one above is of me and dad at grannys.

This is Tracey, the storyteller, quite like this image so would like to work with it and see if it'll fit in with the copy.

This is the closest I got to getting everyone around the table. From the left there's Granny, Tracey, I think Susan and Esther are behind, Bill, Dad and me, Grandad, My mum, Dereck and Martin. So there's two missing Brendan and John.

This is my parents wedding! I'd probably be killed if they knew I put this up but its one of the only ones where all of them are in it, there's a few other people in here that I don't think they must be great grannys.

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