Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Here is some of my layouts in progress, I've gone for two very different types of spreads. In the first one I've gone for a very retro/old fashioned look using the wallpaper from an old photo and retro type for the tag line. I've also used rounded corners on the background like in the old photos. I've played about with a quote and introduced a vector image of vegetables in the bottom one really don't like it so it'll not be staying!

In this spread I've used a photo, created a vector from it and sketched from it and then put the sketch lines over it, I then highlighted the food to make it stand out. I quite like this image now and think it works quite well with the copy. I've gone for a loose script for the title, think I'll play around with it a bit more thought. I also put a very faint vector of a clock in the background playing on the 'dinner TIME ..." idea but I don't think it works, it's too cluttered and I quite like the empty space in the last one.

So far so good I feel, I prefer the bottom one so far, not sure if the wallpaper in the top one is just too much and I prefer the more modern look of the bottom one. So just going to work on another one I think and then pick my final one and upload it.


  1. hey sandra , really love your ideas , esp the bottom one think the drawings really effective and looks great ! :)

  2. Really digging the gray scale photos and spread

    The header type really fits well too, tho the actual article type aint doing it for me. Great work! =D

  3. I sent out an email to everyone to bring in a black and white printed version of their final ideas. Can you bring in this one too Sandra, its almost there. I am with David on the body copy, its taking away from it a bit, the header text is spot on. Chat Monday. PL

  4. Sure no problem Padraic, see you then.