Monday, 15 November 2010

Sketches and layouts

Here are a few sketches from the photographs I gathered and some others, I started off with the typical 60's style house wife which I've completely abandoned!  

Here is a sketch from  the christmas dinner below.

I quite like this one and the one above with the line of children eating, think they could work well, so going to rework them in illustrator and see if it'll work.

These are sketches from the photo of Tracy, quite like this one also.

These are a few quick layouts that I'm thinking of, the next thing that I want to start looking at is the title of this piece and the type I'm going to use. There's a few titles I'm going to initially work with before settling on one. They are "Stretch or Starve", Dinner Time at the Cuffes", "Feeding time at the Zoo".

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